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    Show them how easy it is to draw a Penguin
    By Petunia

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    Draw an oval shape = body, On top draw a circle = head, long triangle on each side = wings (on the bottom of the wings erase the straight line and make scallops), 2 triangles = feet again make scallops.

    Balance egg on your feet like a penguin –might like to use play dough or hard-boiled eggs.

    Bulletin Board Theme "Our Wonderful Winterland" Black penguin for each student and a piece of penmanship paper cut in shape of penguin tummy, with "I wonder..." written on the first line. Let students finish. Put penguins on the bulletin board.

    Make a penguin mobile of the different varieties of penguins. Draw the penguin on one side and write characteristics on the other. Show map of the Arctic Area. Have students make penguin cookies. Buy sugar cookies, the cheapest big round ones work great, A can of chocolate frosting and a can of white frosting. Make an upside down V White for the penguin's tummy; Cover the rest of the cookie with Chocolate frosting, wings. Add a chocolate cookie for the head. A red M and M for the mouth, and brown M and M's for the eyes, or you can use chocolate chips, or raisins for eyes, Pineapple tidbits or candy corn, for the beak, and feet. Make a penguin book. Students might write a poem in their book or tell something about penguins

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