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    word sorts
    By Kathy

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    I am new at this too but I'll give you a few ideas. First, be sure to read "Words Their Way" and there's another book by Kathy Ganske that's really helpful but I can't remember the title. Those two books will tell you how to do it all. Here's what I do: Monday each group gets their words. I try to stick to 2-3 groups. I work with them to see what the pattern is (long vowel, blend, ending, etc). They draw a grid in their spelling notebook and then they do their first sort by rewriting the words into the grid according to the rule that applies. For example, if they were doing "sh,th,wh" the grid would have 3 columns. I give them the words in a big table so another sort is to cut the words apart and then regroup them correctly. They keep their cut-up words in a baggie and then during the week they sort them with me, with a buddy, and in a race against the stopwatch. With the stopwatch, I call out the time every 10 seconds. When they are done they write the time and then later we do it again and they try to better their own time. At the end of the week they glue their cut-up words into the spelling folder into a new grid. Sometimes I have them write sentences using the words or write the definitions or illustrate them or use them in a story. It depends on the words and what seems to be the best way to use them. I know I am leaving out important stuff but hopefully this gives you a few ideas.

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