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    My classroom rules
    By Laura H.

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    My class (4th grade) brainstorms a TON of rules on a piece of roll paper we attach to the white board. Some are silly, like don't run with scissors, but some are more meaningful, like be kind with your words. Then they get into groups and categorize the rules into 3 categories or 3Bs. Be respectful, Be responsible, Be your best. Then we took 3 half sheets of posterboard, typed up their rules, and put each category on one of the half sheets. To end it, we talked about the "be responsible" rule and had each student sign each poster. I laminated them and hung them in the room. Then when a student broke one, they couldn't say they didn't know...they signed it, like a contract. Last year, I did not send 1 child to the principal's office. I think this was in part because they took ownership in the way their classroom functioned.

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