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    multiplication facts
    By Kim

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    I have a schedule of tests for the facts in the order that we teach them (that is, they will not be tested until we have practiced them in class)

    Students get the schedule well in advance. The tests are only on Monday Wednesday and Fridays and they get 2 minutes to do the problems. They are not allowed to skip count around, the problems are out of order. If they miss any problems they do not pass that set and must retake it at another time. If they get them all right, then they get to put a sticker on the class chart next to their name and under that set of facts. This way I know who still has to take a test.

    The makeups can be done at any time and i always allow them about a week and a half from the last test to make up any other ones they need to.

    If they dont pass a test they have to write all the facts 10 times each and get a parent note signed.

    All the kids who pass all the tests by the deadline get to participate in the party for that year. My first year doing it this way the kids that passed were multiplication wizards and got to participate in Harry Potter Day. Since then we have had build a multiplication sundae with a sundae party at the end and this year it will be race to the finish with racing as my class theme. Not sure what kind of party we will have though.

    I know that this seems old fashioned, but in our district the kids HAVE to know their basic facts inside and out by 4th grade. We do lots of hands on practice and singing and games and projects in class to help remember them too.

    The kids that need modifications get them so that they can still participate in the party. Some kids get extended time, others get to have a skip counting cheat set on a book ring to help them.

    This was the first year I had two kids not get to participate in the party.

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