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    By ck

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    I create a set of lesson plans for the week, listing each day separately. It includes what centers are open for play, what book to read at circle, what craft we're doing that day & how to do it, what's for snack, etc. Basically, if I'm not there, my sub should be able to run the day from this.

    I make a copy for my aide to keep posted by her area. On it I highlight the things that need to be done by her for each day & include notes (cut out 24 pumpkins, xerox copies of attached poem one for each child, get paint from storage room). This list also helps when I have a sub aide. I don't have to spend a lot of time explaining to her what needs to be done or set up; it's already written down. I have received comments from my subs & my aide's subs that they find it helpful. Other classroom aides have commented that they wished their teachers would do similar lesson plan lists for them so that they knew what was expected of them. They hated walking in on Monday & finding out they needed to cut out 24 pumpkins & cut sheets of tissue paper into squares (besides doing the bus, backpack, folder thing in the morning) & be done in 30 mins because the teacher decided just that morning to have the kids make a pumpkin collage!

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