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    teaching third grade
    By chris

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    This will be my 4th year teaching 3rd grade. I can tell you some of the things that I do and hope it helps.
    Some of the centers that I use for Reading are:
    Poetry: each student has a notebook that they copy the weekly poem into, they then illustrate the poem. In their center groups they will put the poems (recent and past) in order from sentence strips that I have made. They will read the poem together and alone to build fluency.
    Buddy Reading: they read with a partner.
    Computers: play various computer games, use word, etc.
    Word Study: I give them a list of words from other areas, they put them in alphabetical order then create a vocabulary book.
    Listening Center: listen to stories and perform some type of comprehension activity.
    Art: I have them create some form of art project relating to a book that they have read either with a partner, in the listening center, or in the independent reading center.
    Writing: I give various types of writing activities: write a letter, make a card, make a poster, etc.
    Independent Reading: individually read books and take accelerated reader tests.
    Journals: write in journals
    Sight Words: use flash cards or sight word bingo.

    I also use centers in math.

    2. I usually start with 10-15 spelling words but this year we will be starting a program called Spalding so I will have to wait and see.

    3. Fluency Checks and Reading levels:
    I use DIBELS and Readinga-z. I also give a reading diagnostic test the beginning of the year.
    Usually while the students are doing their diagnostic assessments I individually assess fluency and guided reading levels.

    4. My first couple of weeks usually include going over the class rules and procedures, assessments, and introducing centers.
    5. For discipline I use the stop light system, which has been covered on the board, with a time-out or isolation desk for consequences. I have students come in for lunch detention if needed.

    6. Homework: I give a weekly math assignment package to teach responsibility (given on Monday due on Friday). This averages out to about 10 problems a day. My students are also required to read for a minimum of 15 minutes (time increases as year progresses) every night and record it in their reading logs. A few students are chosen the next day to share what they read the night before.

    I hope some of this helps. I have been reading the board for sometime now and since there are so many different types of teachers out there I am sure that someone's response will assist you if mine did not.

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