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    games and game boards
    By Petunia

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    3 or 4 students at a time stand in the back of the room with a pathway to the front of the class and the first one to take 5 steps wins. Each step is taken by being the first to answer the multiplication flashcard held up to them all. The winners end up playing in a semifinal etc. until the class winner is found.
    You can buy these or go to the dollar store and buy a big beach ball, make section on the ball and write a multiplication fact in each section (write with a permanent marker) Students stand in a circle and pass ball. Student who catches the ball says the fact and answer.
    WHO WANTS TO BE A MATHEMATICIAN? I get one student in a “Hot Seat” and ask math related questions, they have the choice to “phone a friend” poll the audience and etc. --- excellent technology site, competitive, scores and times the students while they are working. ---math car racing and math baseball.

    Game board pattern = Check out this site. If you scroll down, there will be some generic game boards and spinner to print. Then at the top you will see a place that says "select". There are so many gameboards, pieces, etc. to choose from. I think it is a winner!
    Change multiplication facts to addition.. Petunia in Kansas

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