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    Ideas on planning the year
    By Jenn

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    Last year I was new to fifth grade. I got some ideas from pro teacher and this year I have decided to teach cross curriculum. Here are some suggestions.
    science: Aug- functions on living things(cells, tisssues and classifying organisms
    Sept. Reproduction and heredity of organisms
    Oct.regulation and behavior of organisms
    Nov. ecosystems and biomes
    Dec. diversity and adaptions of organisms
    Jan. structure of the earth
    Feb. earth as a part of the solar system
    March- properties and changes of matter
    April motion and forces of objects
    may forms of energy
    This year however I am going to teach physical science first because we are tested on this in April.
    Social Studies
    Aug geography (maps states)
    Sept. Migration
    Oct. Revolutionary War
    Nov. Democratic values and US government
    Dec. Westward expansion
    Jan. Civil War
    Feb. Industrial Revolution
    March WWI and II
    April Civil Rights Movement
    May Economics
    I hope this helps it helped me I wish I could give credit to the person who helped me it was someone on this website. It was great.

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