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    resource room or self-contained?
    By pjm

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    If I were so lucky to just have a k-1 room I'd teach can expect your children to be very low functioning...possibly having fine or gross motor skills. The majority of the K children I've had over the years (I am self-contained) did not know how to tie or zip, did not know their alphabet or recognize letters or even their own name. Usually they had diffficulty in cutting. I usually use lots of singing, nursery rhymes and Dr. Suess for language arts. I'd recommend Zoo Phonics for a great program to learn/teach the alphabet. My kids love singing and doing the motions for each letter of the alphabet but be careful that dog gone song is addictive and you find yourself sining it even when you're not in school!

    one handy hint for cutting...the thicker, sturdier the paper the easier it is for them to hold and cut. I have a great cutting packet that my OT gave me that I had printed on tag and use daily for a quick cutting activity.

    Does this help in any way? maybe if you had more specific questions I could be of better help?

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