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    By pjm

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    what time are teachers to report to school?
    WHat special duties will I have such as lunch or recess?
    Is there a social committee and will I be expected to pay dues or other committments?
    Do I have a classroom budget?
    How do I get materials I may need for lessons such as paper, paint etc?
    What is school policy reguarding suspedted child abuse?
    Whom do I call when sick?
    Is there a school info packet that is given to parents that I could have to read?
    do I have a mentor teacher and who is it? How do I contact him/her?
    do we have new teacher orientation?
    what happens when there is a school delay or school is closed? do I report or not?
    what do I need to do when I get a new student?
    what do I need to do when a student leaves?
    what is the secretaries name, janitors name, lunch lady etc (make friends with them)
    what is the policy for going to lunch, recess andto the busses? Do you walk the kids or what?
    How long do you have to stay after school? What committees are you expected to be on? Is there a union? What are the dues? Is there an opportunity to get a 401 or other savings? Can you get automatic deposit of your pay check?

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