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    Maybe I am an idiot...
    By Laura H.

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    But I get a VERY nice amount of $$ for classroom supplies. The only downfall is that $150 of it is for me and supplies I use and the rest, which is 5 times as much has to be consumed by my students. The $150 I use on writing utensils for my writing center, construction paper, Sticky clips, staplers, etc. A pocket chart (around $25) is not really something I consider so important to spend my $150 on AND it's not consumable so I can't spend my other $ on it. Last year I got scissors at Walmart for .47. That's cheaper than ANYWHERE I searched. They were nice and lasted the whole year. I also got a pocket chart that was the same quality for a lot less.
    Like I said, maybe it is human, maybe not, but i bet I could sit on here from now until August and pick apart every piece of clothing I wear, food I eat and store I shop at and find some sort of law suit or mad person who doesn't shop.

    I shop where I find deals. Would I go into a XXX store to buy eggs. Probably not, but to me Walmart does what I need for cheap school supplies


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