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    estimation station
    By Trish

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    I have done an "estimation station" for the past six years. I assign students a week to bring in their estimation can be treats or objects (such as buttons). The students are required to put in one guess by Friday at 12:00. The person who brought in the treat and a friend gets to figure out who the winner is (the person who guesses the closest without going over). We do a big drum roll then say who the winner is. The winner has to help figure out how many pieces each person gets with the winner getting the most (I help them figure it out on the board with all of the other students giving input).
    I do tell parents that I prefer the treats be wrapped. I have the parents count how many objects there are and put the answer in a sealed envelope.
    The students love this and it is a special treat each Friday. Of course,there is always a family who can not or does not want to bring it in....that is fine...I just bring it in that week or we don't have an estimation station that week.
    Hope this helps!

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