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    third grade jobs
    By fiona

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    I have jobs for each child. As with another writer, I have the jobs posted on a wide coorful sheet with two columns. Each job is written on a manila strip. There are some jobs that have two strips at different areas of the list so a child doesn't do it two weeks in a row (paper passers, librarians...) The children's names are each on a clothespin. These jobs are changed once a week by rotating the clothespins clockwise. This takes a minute on Friday afternoon to be ready for Monday. On Monday, I read the jobs off, A few that I have that have not been mentioned are Pledge, Caboose (last in line and gets to shut the lights off whenever we leave the room),Postmasters (put all returned papers and announcements/fliers in student mailboxes,pet feeders,ambassador ( greets any visitors who come in -"Hi, welcome to our class, I'm-------" , and more. Good luck- I think jobs are important, and foster communiity, responsibility and a sense of belonging and ownership in a classroom. The kids love it and really look forward to changing jobs and looking forward to their 'favorite" jobs. Also, I have found that if I have too many jobs posted for the number of students I have, I just put a blank strip over some jobs for that year to make the right number for one job for each child.This way,I stoppoed making a new chart every year, Additionally, I found that letting the kids rotate the clips did not work for some reason. If someone did it wrong or skiped a box, all heck broke loose with everyone saying "I did that job last week, it was my turn to .." It just took me a minute and insured all was well every Monday morning! Good luck and have a great year- Third Grade is fantastic!!!!

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