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    By Brooke S.

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    I use Refocus forms. I have a Refocus desk in my classroom. In it are Refocus forms and when the students are breaking a rule they are told to Refocus. They go to the desk and fill out the form. It asks... What was your behavior? Why did you do it? What will you do next time? Are you ready to return to class? Before the student may return the teacher signs the form. I just leave all of the Refocus forms in the desk until Friday afternoon when I count them all up and give the students their behavior grades for the week. For every Refocus form they have their grade goes down 10 points. 1 form = a 90/A, 2 forms = a 80/B, etc. This system worked well. It wasn't like the red light system where once a child has misbehaved 3 times they are out of punishments. The students hate filling out the forms and you don't have to document behavior because what is better than the students own words on what they were doing and why.

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