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    By Michele

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    I'm not sure that you really have a class full of dyslexic kids, but I DO know how frustrating the d/b p/q/6/9 mix-ups are! This year (after 10 years of teaching!) a student taught me a trick for b/d...put your thumbs and forefingers of both hands into circles (making a b and a d with your fingers) then, put them together to form a 'bed'. This actually helps my kids discriminate between the b and d...however, my own daughter is in first grade and achronic b/d/p/q/6/9 mixer upper and it doesn't seem to help her a bit!

    If it helps at all, in my experience (and the research supports this) b/d mix-ups are fairly common into the second grade. I would just keep correcting them and reminding them of the differences between the letters.

    HTH a little!


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