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    Amen, Connie!
    By Anne

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    Connie, you put it so well! Now that I am a teacher (my first year,) I REALLY understand this problem.

    When my son started kindergarten, he had never been in day care, or with anyone but me or my husband, so it was hard just to drop him at the door. I walked him down to his class. On day three, his teacher nicely but firmly told me that he could handle it by himself from here on out, and my services were no longer necessary. I took the hint, and believe it or not, nine years later, he's still hanging in there and hasn't lost his way yet!

    Another problem that is irritating for teachers, as well as for parents who DO follow the rules are the parents who do get out of the car to just "run in real quick" to get their kids. They never want to actually park their cars, so they just get out wherever they are in the pick up line and leave their car sitting there, blocking the driveway. It's amazing how some people can be so oblivious to what's going on around them and so inconsiderate of others.

    Can you imagine other professions being interupted that way...

    Dr. Jones, I know you're performing major surgery right now, but I need to get to my hair appointment. Could you just go ahead and get my daughter up off the table a little early?

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