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    Safety issues
    By Connie

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    Melanie, you are presenting the parents' point of view. Standing outside the classroom door at dismissal and "observing" is not helping anyone. Dismissal is the craziest time of the day. Here's what you are encouraging by standing in the hallway:
    1. Children turn over authority to the parents and not the teacher. Sorry, mom. When the child is in school, he/she is under my authority. Your child is dismissed when I say so. If you think otherwise, then homeschool.

    2. You are compromising the safety of all the other children in the classroom. I am not allowed to tell you all of the other children's problems. Child snatching by disgruntled divorced parents is a problem for schools. I had to actually snatch a child out of the divorced parents' arms last year! I could have been shot by the crazy person if she had a gun. Rules are made because there were situations in the past that warranted rules. You also maybe don't know of the bipolar or mentally disturbed child in my room. Your presence may be very upsetting to him as you remind him that his mommy is not outside the door!

    3. You are not witnessing a normal part of the school day. To think otherwise is unfair to all.

    4. Your presence in the hallways encourages other parents to do so. Then, even if you don't bring in crying babies and dogs, others who aren't as wise will do so and the hallways become crazy!

    5. You are breaking the law unless you register at the office. Did you ever notice the sign on all school doors requiring visitors to register? Parents are visitors.

    6. Almost all children develop more independence by riding the bus instead of mommy picking them up each day. Perhaps you could meet them at the bus stop or at a designated spot outside the school if they are a walker. Allowing children to have their own life at school will help them to be more responsible and considerate of others.

    6. Your presence takes the entire class off dismissal procedures because they are all informing Timmy that his mommy is outside.

    What I am trying to communicate is that there are scores of issues parents maybe don't think about. You can show respect for the school by following school policy and visiting or volunteering at more appropriate times. My parent volunteers are always my most supportive parents as they have confidence in my ability to handle the classroom and like the atmosphere I create. I sure hope no parent would judge my classroom at dismissal. The teacher has to do what is best for the class as a whole and THEN what is right for each individual student. Parents are only thinking about their own child. We need your respect and compliance.

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