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    Not mean, but maybe frustrated
    By Mel

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    We all get frustrated, however dangling a proverbial carrot in front of your students is an external motivator that does nothing to change the behavior you desire to change. I'd get deeper into the issue. Why were they upset about your decision? Could it be because they "earned" the ice cream party to begin with under your original expectations (the multiplication sundae thing)? Or could it be because a classroom vote was held and then not honored. Why vote as a community if the decision is ultimately yours (and went against the vote). You say that they talk when you talk and won't settle down - of course they do...they're healthy, normal kids!

    I'm all for parties (I like the popcorn ones), but give it to the students spontaneously because you care and love them, and not as a "reward" for behaving exactly how you deem is appropriate. Then, sit back and take a deep breath...summer is almost here!

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