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    It isn't funny
    By Connie

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    I guess those of us who have been around a while have seen shades of this little girl before. I have my good and bad days, although like you, I try to keep an even personality. If this was an isolated comment, I would have just responded as others have said with "Tommy wasn't following the rules and was bothering our classroom so it is my job to give him a consequence." However, kdg. teacher said that little miss does this all the time. Little Miss obviously feels she has status above all others and can boss her peers and the adult around. I would have worked through the process of why Tommy's behavior was incorrect and why her response didn't help him at all. I would have ended with "If you think Tommy's choice was correct, then we need to have a meeting with you and your parents to talk about this issue!" This comment would be made with a firm look letting her know I don't appreciate her comments about my teaching and that she is showing bothering behavior by interferring with discipline.(Marvin Marshall).
    Some of us have seen these kids (usually bossy girls) turn into real bullies with their mouths. I'm glad to see you are concerned!

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