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    age is a factor
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I definitely agree with a student towards the end of grade one and older, this type of behaviour would not be as acceptable. The older the student, the less acceptable.

    However in kindergarten, this child is more than likely mimicing behaviour she sees at home as well as at school.

    Just the other day one of my boys (grade 1) fell outside and scraped his hand - but not enough to even warrant a bandaid. I comforted him and then I asked him if he'd be ok. He gave me a huge sigh and said, yes, I know, I know, I'll live! My favorite saying to my kid's when they are hurt, is don't worry you'll live. Guess I've said it more than I thought I did.

    With Kindergarten and grade 1 students it is part of our job as teachers to help them define their roles as students. They need to learn what is appropriate to say in class, how to talk to teachers, what they can share about their families. If we can help them in these younger grades to make positive changes - then those behaviours will not get to the annoying stage they so often do.

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