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    Hello Neighbor!
    By Year Rounder

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    I am in Tennessee and we are on "year round" except it is called an "alternative calendar" because it isn't a "true" year round, if you will (we still have a longer summer than a year round).
    We are on a single track. We go to school for nine weeks and off two (that includes fall, Christmas, and spring break). Our summer is about 7 weeks(for kids), 6 for teachers.
    During the first week of break in fall and spring, there is intersession/enrichment week. Those wishing to teach during that week may, and those that don't, get two weeks off. For enrichment, we have things like photography, karate, dance, computers, etc. There are usually about 4-5 choices for K-2 and 3-5. They bring in people from the community to teach these classes. Students pay for these classes, but don't pay for the intersession. When the break is approaching, the coordinator sends out forms to teachers to make requests of reading/math remediation so they know how many to plan for. The after school program is in effect during the breaks as well for those parents that work. They plan field trips to the local pool, library, park, etc. so those kids get a "break" as well!

    Our school has the highest poverty rate in our town too. I know what you mean about the air conditioning!

    I love this schedule!! Fall is a great time to take a family trip! Places are not crowded and the weather is still nice! Florida was especially nice last year at that time! I have the option if I want the full break, or get a little extra money and a small break.

    Our first year doing this, I had a question...."How will my students act when they return the first time after break?" The answer.....GREAT! Rested and ready to begin again with NOT a lot of review. I truly was pleasantly surprised. But with it being a high poverty area, we are the only constant in many of their lives and they look forward to being back.

    I wish you luck on your new adventure. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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