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    Cinco de Mayo
    By Kimberly

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    We make paper flowers. You take 3 squares of different colored tissue paper about 6" x 6". Place them on top of one another and fold them accordian style. Then tie a pipe cleaner around the middle and carefully fan out or separate the pieces of tissue paper.

    We also make Ojos de Dios--God's Eyes. It is hard to describe, but I am sure you could find directions on teh Internet. Here's my best try at directions...You glue together 2 large tongue depressors in a cross shape. Tie off a LONG piece of multicolored yarn to the center. To make the God's Eye you wrap the yarn over the top of a stick and around the back side once. Then turn the God's Eye counterclockwise 1/4 turn. Wrap the yarn around that stick the same way...over the top and around the backside. Turn the God's Eye 1/4. Wrap the yarn. Turn 1/4. Wrap the yarn. Do this until you get to the edge of the tongue depressors and tie the yarn off. It really is a neat craft and the kids love it.

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