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    idea for regrouping
    By jan

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    For the problem : 43-19, How much is 3-9? IMMMMMMPOSSIBLE! (The kids love shouting this, so they stay alert for times they can use it!) Go next door and take a ten (mark out the 4 and write a 3 above it), leave 3 behind. Bring home 10 to go with 3 (mark out 3, write a 13 above it)to make 13. How much is 13-9? 4 (write 4). How much is 3-1? 2

    The most common mistake in regrouping in subtraction for my students are that they try to subtract the minuend from the subtrahend when the minuend is smaller (in the ones place). Amazingly, being able to shout IMMMMMMMMMPOSSIBLE! seemed to get their attention and solved the problem for most of them! (Aren't kids weird?!?!?)

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