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    found it!
    By Joan

    Clip to ScrapBook
    After the Party
    (William Wise)

    Jonathan Blake
    Ate too much cake,
    He isn't himself today;
    He's tucked up in bed
    With a feverish head,
    And he doesn't much care to play.

    Jonathan Blake
    Ate too much cake,
    And three kinds of ice cream too -
    From latest reports
    He's quite out of sorts,
    And I'm sure the reports are true.

    I'm sorry to state
    That he also ate
    Six pickles, a pie and a pear;
    In fact I confess
    It's a reasonable guess
    He ate practically everything there.

    Yes, Jonathan Blake
    Ate too much cake,
    So he's not at his best today;
    But there's no need for sorrow -
    If you come back tomorrow,
    I'm sure he'll be out to play.

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