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    BOOKCLUB-Rodney Appleseed!
    By Ross Anthony

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    Hello Dawn,

    I've come across your post a bit late -- how's it going?

    Here's an idea: Have the students discuss the book, then round up a bunch of questions they wish they could ask the author. them to me. Of course, you'll need an excellent book suggestion. Here's one: The main character is a curious middle schooler who loves to daydream. It's been compared to "Phantom Tollbooth." It's a positive read that is completely way not boring and will no doubt prompt a great deal of discussion. I spent five years writing this book in four different countries -- so I can tell you -- it's very good.

    "The Infinite Adventures of Rodney Appleseed in Nothing Happens"

    For more info on it see:

    Hope that helps Dawn, Enjoy the day and teach with all your soul.

    Ross Anthony

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