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    sound effects punctuation
    By Meaghan

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    Working with 5ht grade students, I taught them to tap their fingers two times after a period and one time after a comma so their have better timing.

    I've heard about sound effect punctuation and am eager to try it. This is how it goes.

    Everytime you get to a period you do a specific sound (same sound every time, ex. smack your lips.)
    A comma might be "hmmm" (to denote a pause)
    A question mark could be "huh?"
    An exclamation mark could be "woah!"
    Quotation marks could be a double click with the hand movement.

    Alternately, you can do walking punctuation where every time you get to:
    a period. You stop.
    a comma, You pause
    a question mark You shrug
    an exclamation mark You throw your hands up in the air.

    Hope that helps

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