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    You Decide
    By Justin

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    I Have a 5 year old Little girl at work whos Autistic, which is a little more then ADHD. The Kindergarnten teacher I work with treats her as a Normal Child, If the little girl does something wrong she still gets timeout. Try to Treat the kid as a normal Child, there is really no Behavior Plans for different Children. I Have found maybe 5 min timeouts Help, if that doesn't work Let the Child Sit next to you. I myself have ADD but not ADHD, Theres really no control over Wild behavior and etc., just try 5 min timeouts or have the child sit next to you like i said and maybe he or she will calm down a little and behave normally. I still think Children who are Autistic belong in a Autistic school where they can Interact with other children with there Problem Don't you think?

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