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    March bb
    By Windy

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    First of all, I love the lucky charms idea!! That is the absolute cutest!!! I do a board for march that includes a family project. I send home a white construction paper cut-out of a Leprachaun's face with hat. I ask the parents to work together with the child to decorate the leprachaun. They can use Anything to decorate it, and I ask them to be very creative. It is so neat to see the way each family chooses to decorate them. I display them on my B.Board, and ask each child, if they could catch a leprachaun, what is one thing that they would wish for?? It is so cute to see what they would wish for! Last year, one boy wished for "all the yucky green foods to be disappeared!" Very cute! And I make sure to write it just as they say it!! It adds to the board so much!

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