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    Winter Animals
    By Rachel

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    We did the same thing last week. We learned about Winter Animals, White, W, bears hibernating, that penguins don't fly, what they eat, etc. We did a little on the polar bear, discussed seals, etc. Along with Tacky, there is also a Penguin Pete series that is cute. The one I read was PP and his new friends. For learning centers, i set up cotton balls (snowballs) and construction paper with different shapes drawn on them. They had to put the cb's in the shape. Also made a file folder with color words on penguins tummies and matching bows/bowties colored that color to match. Seriating penguins on styrofoam cups (1 per cup)-copy and enlarge/reduce to make them different sizes, lacing activities with those animals, water tub-packing peanuts(ice) and lima beans painted white and black(penguins). Anyway, there are millions of ideas. Just think of the skills you want to cover and make something up! Good Luck

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