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    Sugar Cube Caves
    By JohnV

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    I have done this activity and it seems to work well:

    Materials (for each group/demonstration):

    - Clear plastic container (I use a clear shoe-box sized plastic box)
    - Sugar cubes
    - Clay
    - Toothpick, sharpened pencil or other pointy object
    - Water


    - Build a wall of sugar cubes against the side of the container so that it can be seen through the container from the outside.
    - Cover the sugar cubes with a layer of clay. Seal the clay to the plastic all around the sugar cubes.
    - Make small holes through the clay with the toothpick at the top.
    - Sprinkle water like rain over the clay.


    - The water will seep through the holes and will dissolve the sugar along the "fault" lines between the sugar cubes. Over a short period of time caves will form in the sugar-cube wall and will be visible through the side of the container.

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