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    By Tania O'Donnell

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    In my second grade class, I don't give my students prompts. Instead, my students write about things they want to tell others. At the beginning of the year my students generate lists of things they would like to tell others. Those lists might look like: -my new bike, the day I got my puppy, my brother the pain
    Students can also bring a picture, paste it in the middle of a page and web all the ideas that they may think of while looking at it.
    Students can also get ideas from books they read. A good reference is a book called WHAT YOU KNOW BY HEART written by Katie Wood Ray or any of the wtriting books written by Ralph Fletcher. You'll be amazed at how your students respond. I know I was the first time I tried it. Students really want to tell their stories and share.
    I hope I could help,

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