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    By chris

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    Play games with parts of speech like "around the world" with common and proper nouns or finding synonyms for particular part of speech, the card game, "spoons" with different parts of speech, charades with verbs or adjectives. Play the game "Scattegories" with parts of speech headings.

    Have kids use a thesaurus and look up words to replace the overused word, "eat"
    Then have them act out their eat words by eating pretzels to demonstrate their understanding of the various words (devour, nibble, gnaw, crunch, etc. )

    Have relay teams race to place parts of speech under the correct headings on the board. Or you can use one part of speech (ex. adverbs and kids have to place then under the headings where? when? or how?

    Noun relay: Start with a noun (kangaroo) Next person has to say a noun using the last letter of the previous word orange. Do it with proper nouns and other kinds of nouns too.

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