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    By Maggie

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    This is the situation in our schools in Southern Indiana. Each parish is responsible for its own pay scales. If you want to know what it is then I would go to you principal and ask.
    It is pretty much common knowledge here that private school teachers will always make less than the public school teachers. I realize that the parents pay tuition, but that doesn't only go towards teacher salaries, but also the materials to run the school.
    I am personally willing to take the smaller pay because I don't have some of the problems that the teachers in public schools have. The parents that send their children to our school want them to be there. They tend to support the teachers more. If they didn't they would take them to another school.
    Personally I wouldn't be happy anywhere else. When it comes to funding for school projects I look towards grants. More money doesn't neccesarily make better teaching conditions.

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