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    pirate theme
    By Sari

    Clip to ScrapBook
    This is a really cute idea, and with Pirates of the Caribbean out on video now, there should be lots of interest in this theme.

    I don't know about a title for a behavior chart, but if you use levels, two "needs improvement" titles could be Swab the Deck (minor infractions) and Walk the Plank (more serious issues).

    For group names, why not take a cue from the show Survivor, which named its tribes after famous pirates? They used Morgan and Drake. (When they merged, they became Balboa, but I don't think he was a pirate.)

    I'm not sure how you could tie this in, but I think pirate gold was called pieces of eight. Spanish gold coins were called doubloons.

    I think Crows Nest is a great name for a reading area. The word _nest_ also has the connotation of a warm, cozy place, perfect for enjoying a good book.

    Good luck with your theme. It sounds like fun.

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