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    By Karen

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    I've made 2 truck-shaped words heading toward each other. When they crash, the 1st truck doesn't get a scratch but the truck on the right get squished and the letters that are squished form the scrap metal and become the apostrophe. I've done this with disposable flashcards and cut out and actually rolled the scrap metal into a curved apostrophe shape. Then kids can see where the letters are missing and they know where to put the apostrophe. I've also made permanent trucks with fancy letters so that the dot for the i in becomes the apostrophe in the air when you fold the 2 words together as in he+is. Same technique for the i in she+will. The o in not can pop off, fold in 1/2, and stick back on in is+not. I took me several tries to get things spaced so the apostrophe looks normally placed but now I have them on hand and the kids remember the contraction trucks.

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