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    By ck

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    I did 2 short student teaching stints in 2 different rooms, rather than one long one in one room. One teacher loved me while the other one gave me a luke warm review, too. Our personalities didn't mesh well and my college advisor could see it during her observations. Did you get the opportunity to work with another teacher while student teaching, perhaps on the same team, that could counter balance the luke warm review? My observor wrote a great letter.
    What about teachers that you did observations in? I had to do 35 hrs observation for special ed and did it during our spring break, so I worked with the special ed team for a whole week. As luck (?) would have it, some of the staff had medical emergencies during that week, so I became directly involved with students, rather than just sitting & watching. When I asked the director for a letter of rec, she praised me for my ability to pitch in and follow direction.

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