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    How to Make a Turkey
    By Sue

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    My class wrote lovely instructions for "How to Cook a Turkey". I gave them little prompts and they wrote beautiful sentences. They wrote the steps they thought would be needed to prepare it. They used first, next and last to tell the sequence.After they were proofread, recopied,I pasted them on turkey shaped colored papers and they are hanging on a bulletin board. Actually, I wanted them to go for humor, but they were quite literal and serious. I suggested to them they might wrap the turkey in gift paper, stuff it with shoes or pencils. They giggled and went on and wrote they would go buy the turkey, wash it, put on some salt and pepper or some sauce, put it in a pan, cook it for anywhere from 5 minutes to two days! Some of the children wrote what they thought would go in the stuffing (a few humorous items like candy, chocolate). They drew turkeys and made signs for the turkeys (either "eat ham", "eat more chicken", or "eat pork"!).

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