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    Reading Night
    By ck

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    In a school I was at, each room that participated (not all teachers did)choose a theme. All of the books in their room related to that theme. Teachers lent other teachers books and books were cheked out of the library, etc. so that each room had plenty of books. Each room was then decorated to fit with the theme (this can be extravagant or simple). Food was provided in each room that also matched the theme.
    My room was "bears", so we had a lot of books that involved bears (the Berenstein Bears, Cordoroy, Goldilocks & the Three Bears, etc.) I decorated the room with stuffed bears from home. My classroom theme that week was also bears, so we had a lot of kid's art work, etc. up. For snack we had Teddy Grahams and Gummy Bears.
    Families came & went from room to room as they wished. A list of the themed rooms, and a school map, were provided to each family as they came in. It was a big hit!

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