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    By Vicky

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    1. I raise my hand to get attention. They have to do five things: Stop, sit up straight, get ahndsand feet still, look at me, listen. If they don't immediately "snap to", I hold up one finger at a time until they settle. I like that it's a silent reminder.
    2.I use a pocket chart with different colored cards for discipline. If they talk out, they pull a ticket. (It also works with writing their name in the discipline log, shich is what I used in upper grades.) I absolutely do not recognize them unless they have permission to speak. I don't even call their names when I send them to the chart, I just point.
    3.We walk with our hands behind our backs in a single file. This cuts out pushing, shoving, and arguing. We also stop whenever they talk (unless we HAVE to be somewhere on time). Once they've used up their entire recess or snack time just getting there, the learn to move from point A to point B without chatting.

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