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    By Emily

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    My students struggled with this in the beginning og the year, so I did a whole lesson on the beginning, middle and end of a typical day. I shared about my own day (in the beginning I wake up and eat breakfast, in the middle of the day I am teaching, and at the end of my day I eat dinner and relax before bed). Then I had the students draw and write about the beg, mid and end of their days. I cut three pieces of white paper and had them illustrate, then we glued them onto a piece of construction paper. They made a neat display, and after this activity it was MUCH easier for them to relate the concept to books we read.
    You could also read a story and pause to have them draw a picture to represent the beginning, then read a little more and pause to have them draw a picture of the middle, then read the ret of the book and have them illustrate the end.
    Hope this helps!

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