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    Personally, I would stick to what you said! By fifth grade, I think students should be able to turn in their work on time! Plus, even if you hadn't realized that the girl had more than just the writing assignment not turned in, the girl most likely knew she had these assignments not turned in! Personally, I feel you are doing the right thing because these students need to be caught up on work that they have missed. Hopefully these kids will learn some responsibility by not being able to go! From your post, it seems like the kids not going are habitually late with assignments, am I correct? Plus, I like to look at 5th grade as a big growing year! This is the year that students really need to learn how to study, how to turn in work, etc. because in middle school and high school it is really going to affect their grades if they don't study or turn things in on time! Hopefully, not going on the field trip will help prepare these students who aren't going!

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