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    DOL (Daily Oral language) helps a lot! Put a sentence or two on the board and have your students copy them in a notebook (used just for English or better yet just for DOL) or pass out a sheet with a day and a bunch of lines so the students can copy them on the sheet. You could also type up sentences and pass that sheet out. Have the students use proofreading marks to correct it. Go over it in class and instruct the students to mark mistakes in a different color. Collect the DOL at the end of the week. Go over them and give points for having them finished. You can also look and see what most of the students didn't mark, so you know what your students are struggling with. Once the students get the hang of sentences, try using paragraphs. It would also help to start from square one grammar. Start by introducing parts of speech and subject-predicate and subject-verb agreement. As you progress, then start going into commas, quotes, semi-colons, colons, italics/underlining, etc. Hope this helps!

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