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    stereo types
    By Coach

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    I can relate with the stereo type issue you have with this person, because those of us coaches that actually teach have to put up with all those VCR jokes all the time. lol

    I would just laugh out loud at anything she says to you. You would be letting her know that she can't make you feel bad and that you think she is a joke. People with self esteem problems also have great difficulty with being laughed at and this will make her stop. Also you're not actually saying any words, so its not like she can go report what you said. If she does make an issue out of you laughing at her, you can just say in defense that you were embarrased.

    Also, try to find out who her "secret santa" is and offer to trade names with them. I have done this too, and this can be whole adventure in of itself just giving her bad, useless, and late gifts all year. You can't say in words what a bad christmas gift in february says. lol

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