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    Rev Unit
    By Chris

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    I'm just wrapping up our Revolution unit. Students do two projects in class during this unit. Small groups design, layout and write articles for a front page newspaper as it would look and report on this period in American history. Each group is given a poster board on which they layout their articles, illustrations, advertisements, letters to the editor, political cartoons, etc. The project provides great writing skills, research skills, and group collabiration. The kids also do an individual project. Each student chooses 10 events leading up to America's independence. On a large, white, construction paper a wide and winding path is drawn. The path is divided into ten sections. Each section is titled, dated (sequentially), one sentence about event and illustrated. Background is filled in by their choice .. . city, countryside,etc. Titled . . .e.g.The Road To Independence. It is a road map of the Revolution (timeline in disguise). The kids do a terrific job and have a great time learning while being creative . . .great combination! Specific criteria and a rubrics is used with this activity. Hope these help . . .adds fun to my hours spent on the Revolution.

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