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    some years are like this
    By Sarah

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    You have a tough job when the students aren't used to structure or routine and have to be taught it. It takes a lot of patience and frustration!

    I've only taught 3 years but I think some years you get a class that you just can't have "fun" with because they need so much structure and can't handle "fun things". This year is one of those years for me- the class is immature, many dishonest/sneaky students, not academically inclined. (They are sweet kids really, but the mix is not a good one.)

    So don't give up on yourself. Sometimes you are doing everything right but it's just the group. Don't take that personally.

    Next year, you may want to consider moving, if you find any of the following contributing to your unhappiness:
    - unsupportive administration (a good principal makes a HUGE difference in class behavior because there's a school-wide policy that is well enforced)
    - unclear curriculum or lack of resources
    - negative teaching environment from other staff

    All the best... June is only 4 and bit months away... spring is almost here... hang in there!

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