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    By Barb

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    Do you need to teach him to recognize the letters or write? That'd be the first question...but there are many fun ways to do this kind of lesson. here's a few and if you want, I can try to think of a few others if you email me.

    -use shaving cream on the table/desk and have him write the letters in that
    -fill a cake pan with sand or rice and he can write the letters in there.
    -he can sort out the letters from alphabits, abc pretzels, abc pasta, etc.
    -use mini stickers (from reward seals/charts) to place the stickers on a piece of paper in the shape of the letters (this you can have it written large on a piece of paper and he can place hte stickers along the lines)
    -make up a song he can sing
    -use play doh to make the letters
    -think of words that start with those letters and make a collage of pictures of those things on a paper with the letter on it.

    hope one of those ideas is helpful!

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