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    jumping into the deepend
    By Stephanie

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    I am currently student teaching and will start teaching in Spring, I know how you feel!

    Its incredibly frightening to be thrown off the deep-end, especially since you didn't have the chance to observe the class procedures, discipline, etc. suddenly every image you held of yourself as a teacher (a trusted friend of the students, a creative inspirer of the learning process, insert your own ideals here) has been shattered and that is painful and frightening. DON'T GIVE UP! You were put in a situation that brought that process on as a smack in the face rather than a gradual re-assessment and reflection.

    I am not an experienced teacher so I'm not sure how useful this advice will be to you, but for what its worth, the 2 most useful pieces of advice I have received from experienced teachers regarding classroom management are:

    1. Aim towards being respected by your students rather than being liked by them.

    2. Keep them on a short leash in the begining and gradually give them more rope to see how much they can handle. Its easier than trying to shorten the rope later on.

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