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    State Cereal Box Project
    By Candy

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    Students pick a state; we usually work in pairs since it is a lot of work. They need to research their state (we make up a research grid with categories of landforms, products grown and manufactured, famous people, history, trivia, etc. to organize their facts.) Then they need to create a cereal box for their state. They name the cereal based on information they learned. The front shows has the name of the cereal and a backdrop that depicts something about their state. The back of the box can be games trivia contests, etc. about their state. One side has the ingredients which are the products grown and manufactured. The other side panel has has to state facts about the history of the state (time-line, etc.). The cereal box is a real cereal box that is covered with white paper. We trace the box on butcher paper and let the children draw, write and color with it flat. Then we glue the paper to the cereal box and wrap it like a present. It gives the students an opportunity to really show their creativity.

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