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    Fun Idea!
    By Maggie

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    Hello! My third graders did animal reports this year and it was extremely successful. I created file folders that have open envelopes glued to the inside that made pockets. On each of the pockets I wrote different facts I wanted the students to collect about their animal. For example on one pocket the student had to write what habitat the animal lives in. Another says what does this animal eat and so on. Students will then go online to sites like and search to find the animal facts. When they find the fact on the pocket they then put the answer on an index card and put it in the pocket. After all the pockets are full they then take the index cards out and create their reports. I also have them print pictures of their animals. You can go to google images to get pictures of the different animals.
    This is a really fun way to help third graders organize their information to create a report! I am going to laminate the file folders with pockets so that I can reuse them year after year! If you have any questions feel free to email me!

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