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    By Michele

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    Well, I'm not sure if this is what you want to hear, but I'm in my 4th year of job-sharing...the first in Jr. 1st. The first year, we tried the MT/WTH every other friday split, and neither of us was happy. Now I teach 1/2 days and LOVE it! Actually, the younger kids seem to adjust to the two teachers easier than the older for some reason.

    When my initial partner and I began job-sharing, there was no other people job-sharing in our district. We wrote a proposal including who would be teaching which subjects and at which times. We also listed the benefits to the sub pay (we cover for each other and have needed only 1-2 subs), more consistancy (one of us is nearly always there), they have a fresh teacher, more energy etc. Additionally, we work many more hours than do full time teachers (when you add our hours together).

    The only advice I'd give you would be to write it out for the district. Explain to them how they will benefit from the arraingement. Get your principal on-board, that will definately help your case.


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